Lemon Flower Car Diffuser Refill – 2 Pack

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Lemon Flower Car Diffuser Refill – 2 Pack – It is a celebration, like fireworks, or a procession of golden fruits; the Lemon Flower Home Fragrance is a festive day, a sparkling incentive for good humour due to the freshness of its citrus notes and its energetic bouquet of lemon, neroli and orange blossom

A little stop in a plantation of citrus fruits, where hundreds of lemon trees are aligned and release tangy and sunny scents. What a treat!

The Lemon Flower Car Diffuser Refills are suitable for anyone who loves citrus fruits. Lemon is blended with orange blossom and lime, for an energetic and fresh fruity blend. The woody scent of vetiver contrasts the whole.

These scents which tease the nostrils have the ability to make you travel far, more particularly to a warm country, without even leaving your seat. Thanks to the energizing effect of the Lemon Flower Car Diffuser Refills, driving will be a pleasure!

Simple to use: the scented ceramic refill is activated when you switch on your air conditioning, hot or cold. Diffusion is optimal and the atmosphere spreads through the car. If you already have a Berger car diffuser, don't panic! The Lemon Flower Car Diffuser Refills are designed to adapt to your model.

Maison Berger Paris puts your well-being at the center of its concerns with increasingly innovative concepts. The two ceramic refills, each protected with sealed sachets, can be used in all Maison Berger diffusers, meaning that you can enjoy up to 12 weeks of respite. Such good news!

In keeping with its identity as a fragrance creator, Maison Berger Paris has also created the Aroma range, with aromachological virtues. Displaying unique and exclusive olfactory compositions, the range contains essential oils, which have positive effects on the emotions; the product design is as natural as possible.

TOP NOTES - Lemon, Lime

HEART NOTES - Neroli, Lime

BASE NOTES - Vetiver, Orange Blossom