KJD Home - Medium Oval Paint / Wax Brush

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The KJD Home - Medium Oval Paint / Wax Brushes are a high quality synthetic bristle brush with a budget in mind.  These brushes can be used for either painting or for waxing - but keep in mind that once you've used it as a wax brush, you won't revert back to a paint brush!


  • Dyed, tipped and flagged polyester filaments
  • High density of filaments (increased paint pick-up & release)
  • Fine tips for smooth finish
  • Firm stiffness (excellent for wax application)


Width: 1 ½" / 3.8cm
Length: 9" / 23cm
Filament Type: Polyester
Brush Type: Oval
Handle Style: Oval Handle
Flex: Firm