Garcon Linen Apron - Chocolate


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These extra-long half-aprons are the perfect "waiter" apron. The ties can wrap around to the front and the pockets hold all you need. Available in several colors - perfect for monogramming as well.

100% linen

One size fits all. These are hand-made aprons. Approximate dimensions: 34" long x 35" wide.

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Linen Way started very simply with a love of the fabric that is our namesake. Their dedicated founders grew up in Europe where the tradition of natural fibre craftsmanship has been passed down for generations. They searched Europe and then the rest of the world for locations where the finest natural materials have been crafted using local traditions and knowledge. All to ensure the quality and workmanship in all of Linen Way’s exclusive collections.

Linen Way is a family run, Canadian company with a collective experience gathered over the last 20+ years in the textile industry. As a wholesaler, Linen Way works with the finest stores and designers across Canada and United States, allowing customers to enjoy the same textile quality and traditions forged in Europe. Buying a Linen Way product means that you will receive the finest quality material, manufacturing and design made from natural fabrics by craftsmen that have worked with these materials for generations.

Linen Way continues to search the world for beautiful, natural products that you can feel good about – because of how it was made, how it feels and how it makes you feel.