Milk Paint Brushes & Rollers

The Natural Series
The Original Series
The Pro-Hybrid Series
One by Staalmeester Series
The Natural Series contains brushes with pure white Chungking bristles which are well suited for water-based paints, milk paints, stains & wax. 

 Helps to create textured finishes.
The Staalmeester® Original Series contain the Staalmeester® fiber mix, which is a combination of white natural Chungking bristles and synthetic bristles. The natural bristles hold more moisture allowing for a smooth application. 
This series was designed for all types of water-based paints and can be recognized by the coppered ferrule.
The Pro-Hybrid series brushes are characterized by their 100% synthetic fibre so that a brush stroke free result is easily achieved. 

Featuring an INOX ferrule, excellent for all paints. 
This unique ultra-soft synthetic fiber provides the most flawless smooth application. These are the best for beginner painters to achieve a brush stroke free finish. 

The One collection contains a special selection of finishing and artist brushes that aren’t available in any other Staalmeester® series. 

 The One series can be used with all types of paint and finishes. When you properly maintain the One brushes, they retain their shape, flexibility, and softness, even after years of intensive use.
Staalmeester Roller Frame
18cm Staalmeester Roller
The Staalmeester® quality management system ensures the same standard as for their brushes. The rollers are therefore suited for all lacquers and varnishes, and give a smooth & equal finish.