Coconut Monoi Car Diffuser


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Coconut Monoi Car Diffuser – A sun-kissed and delicious fragrance, an olfactory composition where the suave side of the tuberose embraces the depth of the vanilla pod. Sun, sand and Polynesian well-being intermingle on a background of coconut water.

Coconut Monoi Car Diffuser - You’re in the car; a scent of Coco Monoï drifts through the air; the sun is out and your favourite summer song is on the radio. The journey almost seems too short!

The Coco Monoï Car Diffuser Refills come in two round ceramics. They are packaged in sealed holders in order to preserve all of the olfactory properties. Once the ceramic is installed in your car diffuser, just turn on the air conditioning for the scent to spread evenly through the interior.

The refill lasts from 4 to 6 weeks. Your passengers will be delighted with the composition of Coco Monoï: citrus fruits (mandarin and green orange peel), flowers (orange blossom and tuberose), spices (vanilla and clove), wood (cedar) and fruit (coconut).

Although adaptable for all diffusers, the Coco Monoï car diffuser - Blissful Collection is the perfect ally!

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In keeping with its identity as a fragrance creator, Maison Berger Paris has also created the Aroma range, with aromachological virtues. Displaying unique and exclusive olfactory compositions, the range contains essential oils, which have positive effects on the emotions; the product design is as natural as possible.


Green Orange Zest, Mandarin


Orange blossom, Tuberose, Clove


Vanilla pod, Coconut, Cedarwood

The diffusion of the Coconut Monoi Car Diffuser ceramic refill is around 4 weeks.